cheersun Strength


Leading science and technology,cheersun first


For technical talents,managerment talents’s requirements,cheersun continu to adapt talant persons,strict to hire.At the same time,company gather with high education,professional talents creating and developing attentively.



Cheersun ask itself to be “small and medium-sized enterprise technology center at the provincial level” ,keep getting all product certificates and mop patents,keep watching twist flat mop leading in area,forge ahead.

In order to push company’s variety innovation and product quality promotion,to obtain customers and dealers’s praise in  technology,environmental protection,safety,China Cheersun household are always deep plowing and careful cultivation,leading in technology pilot,products innovation,science and technology,achive high quality logo within chinese mop brand,and target to be “chinese high level high quality mop leader”,at the same time,we are making progress to chinese biggest twist flat mop manufacture.



Recent years,as Zhejiang brand products integrity of private enterprises,Cheersun people obtain recognition and honor,among many national authorities and the general customers high praise,series of products has several national patents and independent intellectual property rights,enterprise and brand are award-winning,highly praise.As a cheersun man,we are proud of the honors given by industry,customers,dealers,and cherish it,feel heavy responsibility.
  cheersun quality,with the care and precision of a sculptor.

Enterprise survival is base on development,and quality is the essential guarantee!Cheersun man are serious and strict to products quality.