Analysis of mops

Mops should be derived from rags. When need to be cleaned when the surface is dirt, people might just want to sweep it, does not necessarily want to wipe it. With advances in productivity, changes in the living environment, need to be clean ground from clay into smooth boards, when slate, scrub the need arises. Should first be scrubbed the ground cloth. Scrubbing the surface clean, but operator first question came--too tired. Problem is a source of inspiration, someone will install a long handle on the rag, Oh, worlds apart--benefits have seen, up image of a name--"the MOP". MOP came into this world. To achieve a "walking upright".

Over time, new problems came again. MOP work parts-MOP head itself needs to be constantly cleaning. MOP heads cleaning hand injury on the job increase for the problem to be solved. One day, a wise man does not assume that cleaning materials, get out of the "twist MOP water", was finally realized, "water".