MOP considerations

1, in order to prolong the efficiency of mops, sweep the floor before you can first be rubbish hair and dust before cleaning.

2, MOP MOP along the floor as much as possible in the direction of the grain, before the dirt is easy to be with, inter alia, achieve the cleaning effect.

3, best cleaning mops can be flushed with running water to clean, if you have the habit of using the floor cleaner, dirty mops under running water to flush dirt, then put in the bucket with cleaning wet, wring out the MOP again.

4, pay attention to how they are using various types of MOP, using the right methods to improve the efficiency of MOP, for example some sponge MOP is used should be soaked in water before it can be used.

5, using a MOP to clean wood floors, try not to use the high water content of the mops and sponge mops. Wooden floor surface with pores, easily absorb water, resulting from fragile floor deformation, shorten life expectancy.