Mops of common sense

MOP is one of dirt resides most of the appliances, if you do not pay attention to clean, it will become the breeding ground for microbes and disease-causing bacteria.

Mops in use, most likely to come into contact with the ground, organic ingredients, which will be used by fungi and bacteria, when they remain in a damp environment, molds, fungi, Candida and dust mites and other micro-organisms and bacteria will grow quickly. After using it, will not only fail to clean ground, are more likely to cause bacterial proliferation and cause respiratory, intestinal, and diseases such as atopic dermatitis.

Regardless of the texture of the MOP head is cotton, cotton, and cotton, Microfiber, as long as it does not completely clean and dry, and are easy to breed and harmful substances. Therefore, the choice of MOP the first principle is that is easy to clean and dry.