Twist MOP water

(1) stainless steel material, long term use do not rust 

(2) wipe the stainless steel auto glass, glass Microfiber cloth MOP

Stainless steel MOP

(3) strong detergency, static water adsorption, absorption capacity 

(4) cleaning head is fitted with protection, avoiding the rod tip to clean surface damage. 

(5) Rotary-tube fixtures are installed at the lower end, avoiding work, rotary movement of the barrel. 

(6) the Rotary cylinder positioning device was installed at the top Centre, avoiding work swing. 

(7) the work was installed on the check locks, avoid the revolving drum work when squeezing reversed. 

(8) the telescopic pole design, adjustable in height 

(9) squeeze water effortlessly, without auxiliary tools (10) can relax the replacement head