Cheersun spin mop,make Cleaning Easy & Fast


It makes us feel comfortable to make our house clean.But after work,we always feel tired,don’t want to do housework,don’t want to clean,so have to delay to weekand.For most female,when weekand comes,they would rather to go shopping,so there are many“dirty room beauty women”.Cheersun rotating spin mop,there are colorful color and cartoon is not only very cute,but also with powerful function.Saving your time,saving your energy,saving electricity,also is safe.It combines with dehydration,washing and pressing perfectly function,come out innovative three drive to help you to clean a quick,easy and comfortable home.


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Humanized Design.

Thickened wall thickness

Large barrel body

Wash area a lot of space

Hand pressure more easily

1.Cleaning mop cloth area

A large space, Hand pressure Foot More effort

2.Stainless steel fling water basket
.washing bottle design

 you can put some leaning liquid insid

4.Big drain design

drainage is not blocked, easy to use, drainage, no water in the mop bucket inside

5.The highest water level

the use of waterproof PP material label

6.Visible material,The quality of the visible,We don't cut corners.