Spin MOP, And The handle Time To Say Goodbye

In this busy city, most of the people in the houses, cars a day tightening their belts and work hard, most people were too overwhelmed with home loans, car loans, but house owners have had their troubles. There is room for a family, buy a House this is a happy thing, but in the face of a series of renovations, moving, cleaning things, leaving only irritability and headaches. Especially clean rooms, which praised "zero House" a new generation of $literal, after the MM who is definitely a day after day, year after year, "project", the miserable!

Imagine about: hot summer, due to room area big, women friends are daily to drag to on need spent 1-2 hours, drag finished to zhihou also have will hand into pitch of dirty was of dirty water in the, and squat in ground kept of rub cleaning wrapped around full hair and dust of MOP head, and have barely barely spent Shang more than 10 minutes resorted to nine years II Tiger of force to will MOP twist dry. We have aside from sweeping the floor and cleaning MOP when tired, dirty, simply wring out the MOP this work let the girls tired up!